June, 2009

Article: Paul is Being Released From Prison Today

Read Michael’s latest article on Change.org here: Ready for Release? Posted by Michael Santos JunĀ 30 @ 10:10AM PT Other recent Change.org articles by Michael: My First Days: Adjusting to Life in Prison Posted by Michael Santos Jun 15 @ 10:10AM PT The Importance of Recreation Posted by Michael Santos Jun 07 @ 04:46AM PT Strategies […]

Reality TV Can Advance Prison Reform

The schedule that I keep as a prisoner does not leave room for television, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read about television programming. Recently I’ve read several articles that describe America’s fascination with reality TV. One show receiving a lot of coverage is Jon and Kate Plus Eight, with reports showing that as many […]

Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace

Date Read: June 11, 2009 Book Title: Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace Author: Joseph M. Williams Publisher: Pearson/Longman (2006) Nonfiction: 148 pages Style was the eighth book I read in 2009. Reason I read Style: I am very fortunate to have found mentors who help me. Recently, I made a friend here at […]

How Seven Habits Change Lives

Today I enjoyed a magnificent visit with my wife, Carole. She came with a message that Dean, a representative of the group who promotes Stephen Covey’s work, contacted us through PrisonNewsBlog. Dean asked some questions about how the magnificent book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People influenced my adjustment through 22 years of imprisonment. […]

John Gets Released From Prison

John completed his sentence and walked out of the Taft Prison Camp early this morning. According to national reports, he was one of 2,000 who returned to society from American jails and prisons each day. Adjusting to the world outside would not be easy. During the 15-plus years that John served, he endured the family […]

Deliberate Adjustment Plans

The Pew Charitable Trust estimates that by 2011, American jails and prisons will be releasing 750,000 prisoners into society each year. Of all those people returning to their communities, the Pew Report tells us, two out of every three will return to prison. That high recidivism rate has been steady since the time I began […]