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Educate Prisoners!

The Pell Grant ought to be available to people in prison. Congress provided that funding to help poor people advance their education. People who have access to higher education make greater contributions to society. They earn higher incomes than those without an education, and the incomes they receive stimulate the economy. Further, the taxes those […]

Prisoner Contributions to Universities

As a long-term prisoner, I’ve always felt as if I had a duty to reconcile with society. One contribution I could make was to document my journey through the federal prison system. I have written extensively about my experiences of living in prison for more than 21 years. I have also written about others. The […]

Prison Reform Should Include Pell Grants for Prisoners

In today’s punitive prison system, fewer prisoners have access to higher education. I read an article that Matthew Ryno published at, for example, that described how the federal prison in Oxford was about to substitute a program through which inmates could earn degrees from the University of Wisconsin in order for the prison to […]

Prisoners Can Earn University Degrees

Christine sent me a question asking whether prisoners could earn university degrees while they served sentences inside federal prison. The answer is yes. I provide details about education in my article Opportunities for Higher Learning and College Degrees. During the course of my imprisonment, I found the pursuit of higher education to be extremely fulfilling. […]