Quarterly News Updates

First Quarter Report, 2010

I’ve been writing quarterly reports to update those who follow my work for more than 20 years. Since 2003, when Carole launched MichaelSantos.net, we’ve published the quarterly reports on the Web site. I hope that readers find them useful as a source of documentation. The reports should reflect how an individual can use goals to […]

Fourth Quarter Report–2009

It feels good to have completed the fourth quarter of 2009.  On the first day of this year I set clearly defined goals, and through my daily journal entries, along with the three previous quarterly reports that I published, I kept readers current with the progress I made toward each.  Now, on the last day […]

Third Quarter Report, 2009

The third quarter of 2009 has been one of my most productive. On August 11th of this year, I completed my 22nd consecutive year as a federal prisoner, and I completed a solid draft of my new manuscript, Earning Freedom. This new manuscript describes my entire journey through the prison system, from the day of […]

First Quarter Report, 2009

April of 2009 marks my 260th consecutive month in prison. Some may think that serving so much time in prison could lead to insanity. I remember reading about the character Dr. Manette in Charles Dickens’ classic novel A Tale of Two Cities. That character went crazy during the 17 years he served in prison. In […]

Fourth Quarter Report, 2008

The fourth quarter of 2008 has come to an end, and I feel pleased with the progress my wife Carole and I have made. I now have more than 21 years of imprisonment behind me. Regardless of what happens legislatively or administratively, I do not expect that I will pass more than three additional holiday […]

My Values and Goals for 2009

I write my goals for 2009 early on this first day of the New Year. It is just after 4:00 a.m., and I sit alone at a table in a quiet room of Taft’s federal prison camp. I may be well into my 21st year of imprisonment, but I have much for which I can […]

First Quarter Report, Taft Prison Camp 2008

I began 2008, my 21st year of imprisonment, with a high degree of optimism. Now that we’ve moved beyond the first three months of this year, I feel better than ever. I keep track of my daily progress by recording my activities in a weekly planner. When this year began, I knew that we would […]

Thriving Through Adversity: 3rd Quarter 2007

During this past quarter I’ve moved into my third decade of continuous confinement. I am glad to have more than 20 years of continuous confinement behind me, and I’m hopeful that I can conclude my sentence from my current place of confinement, in Taft, California. I have been in the Taft prison camp for more […]