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By · Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Prison Consultant Released from Federal Prison

I’m Michael Santos and I help people prepare strategies that lead to their release from prison at the soonest possible time. I wrote the articles on this news blog during the final years of the 26 years that I served in federal prison camp. Now I’m a federal prison consultant and you can view my offerings at the following websites:

If you need assistance, contact me at 949-334-9119 or send me an email at

Michael Santos in the Media



I returned to society on August 12, 2013, with values, skills, and resources that few would expect for a man who served decades in prison.

Through free podcasts available on the iTunes network, you’ll learn from my story and from successful people who live by the strategies that empowered me.

If they empowered me through decades in prison, just think how they can benefit you!

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