Criminal Indictment

Ordinary Americans Face Harsh Justice, While Powerful Enjoy Christmas at Home

In 1987, I was 23-years-old. That was the year I was arrested. I did not have more than a high school education then, and I had made some bad decisions. To earn an income, I wrongfully joined a group of friends and acquaintances to sell cocaine. We distributed cocaine to consenting adults only, and we […]

Was My 45-Year Prison Sentence Just?

As readers may know from my books and articles available at, my position is that we could create a more effective system that better serves the needs of society if we created programs that encouraged prisoners to prepare for law-abiding lives upon release. Justice should not be determined with the initial sentence, but rather […]

Why I Regret that I Sold Cocaine and Fought the Criminal Charges

When I was 21-years-old I joined a group of friends in a scheme to sell cocaine. That was a terrible decision that changed the course of my life. For nearly two years, I was deeply involved in setting up a network that transported the cocaine and distributed it through a supply chain. Those actions resulted […]

Delusions Prior to a Criminal Trial

When I was 23 years old, I was arrested by federal authorities. They charged me with crimes related to trafficking in cocaine. They did not seize any cocaine from me. Nor did they have any recordings of my voice, or tangible evidence that I thought would convince a jury that I was guilty. I was […]

Criminal Probes and Indictments for White Collar Crimes

A few months ago I interviewed Jeff, a corporate executive serving a prison term at Taft Camp. A bad investment decision he made on behalf of a publicly traded corporation for whom he worked in Northern California led to an indictment for wire fraud. The corporation notified federal authorities when the investment went bad. Through […]

Minimizing Prison Terms for Broadcom Executives

The national newspapers have been reporting on the criminal prosecutions of the Broadcom founders. I followed the extraordinary rise of that company’s valuation with much admiration for its founders. Now they face criminal charges for white collar crime, and it’s a tragedy that they may serve time in federal prison for charges related to options […]

White Collar Prosecutions on Wall Street

The financial turmoil on Wall Street will likely bring many traders, hedge fund managers, and corporate executives to federal prison. Prosecutors will want to make a statement. They speak loudest by targeting high-profile, white collar offenders, for federal criminal indictments. When grand juries or prosecutors make those criminal charges, prison terms will follow. I’ve been […]