July, 2009

David Muniz Graduates

Administrators at Taft Camp generously sponsored a graduation ceremony for a dozen studious prisoners and their families on June 4, 209.  My friend, David Muniz, invited me to attend as his guest, and I felt grateful for the privilege, as I know how hard David worked to earn his high school equivalency certificate.  I watched […]

Community Leaders in Taft Camp

Carole and I are grateful for opportunities to contribute to the lives of others.  A few weeks ago, David and Tuvia, two men who recently joined our community at Taft Camp, kindly introduced us to their wives, Judy and Gila.  Our limited time with family in the visiting room is precious, so we can’t afford […]

My Book Review of An American in the Gulag

Book Author:  Alexander Dolgun Book Title:  Alexander Dolgun’s Story:  An American in the Gulag Date Read:  June 27, 2009 Book Publisher:  Valentine Books (1974) Nonfiction/ 503 pages American Gulag was the 10th book I read in 2009: Reason I read An American in the Gulag: I have been a fan of Russian literature for several […]

Violating Conditions of Supervised Release

Rick, a white collar offender from Las Vegas, was serving a one year term in Taft Prison Camp for violating conditions of supervised release. I listened as Rick told me his story while we sat on a bench near the camp’s tennis courts. The adjustment choices Rick made following his initial release from prison perplexed […]

Our Sixth Anniversary in Prison

On June 24, 2009, Carole and I celebrated the sixth anniversary since we married under bright lights of the Fort Dix prison visiting room. The devotion and love she has given so consistently over all these years has been the greatest blessing of my life, and I thank God every day for the treasure of […]