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Helping At-risk Youth Avoid Criminal Decisions

I enjoy contributing to a program at Taft Camp that strives to help at-risk adolescents avoid criminal behavior. As federal prisoners, those of us who participate in the group have a degree of credibility with those who sit in our audiences. With the 45-year sentence that I’m serving, and the 21-plus years that I’ve been […]

Taft Prison Administrators Block Inmates From Maintaining Community Ties

Prison officials at Taft camp issued a memorandum on 8 January 2009 that prohibits inmates from using typewriters for anything besides correspondence with the courts. As a consequence of this memorandum, any inmate who uses typewriters to communicate with family, to complete academic coursework, to solicit support from community leaders, or to type manuscripts, subjects […]

Please Share News About Your Prison Experience As Guest Bloggers

If you would like to share your prison experiences concerning the prison system, please consider contributing to this Blog as a guest. Prison News Blog exists to let the world know how the prison system operates. I have been incarcerated since 1987, and I have written about what I have learned from others as well […]

Another Birthday in Prison

I’m very happy to have celebrated my 45th birthday today, January 15, 2009. I shouldn’t say “celebrate.” I am still confined in the Taft Federal Prison Camp, and one day in prison is hardly distinguishable from another. Tomorrow, on the other hand, will be wonderful. I am scheduled for a visit with my wife, Carole. […]

Fourth Quarter Report, 2008

The fourth quarter of 2008 has come to an end, and I feel pleased with the progress my wife Carole and I have made. I now have more than 21 years of imprisonment behind me. Regardless of what happens legislatively or administratively, I do not expect that I will pass more than three additional holiday […]

Obama for Prison Reform

The upcoming presidential election has me very hopeful. Although I cannot vote, I support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I urge all readers who have an interest in the prison system to vote for Obama. Meaningful prison reform is going to require liberal Representatives and Senators. Elect Democrats! With a liberal Congress, we will see […]