September, 2008

Obama for Prison Reform

The upcoming presidential election has me very hopeful. Although I cannot vote, I support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I urge all readers who have an interest in the prison system to vote for Obama. Meaningful prison reform is going to require liberal Representatives and Senators. Elect Democrats! With a liberal Congress, we will see […]

Educational Opportunities in Prison

Many readers write me with questions about educational opportunities in prison. During the more than 21 years that I have served, I’ve worked hard to educate myself. Those efforts paid off, as Mercer University awarded me an undergraduate degree in 1992, and Hofstra University awarded me a graduate degree in 1995. I urge all those […]

White Collar Prosecutions on Wall Street

The financial turmoil on Wall Street will likely bring many traders, hedge fund managers, and corporate executives to federal prison. Prosecutors will want to make a statement. They speak loudest by targeting high-profile, white collar offenders, for federal criminal indictments. When grand juries or prosecutors make those criminal charges, prison terms will follow. I’ve been […]

Forbes Publishes Power in Prison

I’m pleased to have contributed an article, Power in Prison, to the special series on POWER. It describes my perceptions of the dynamics of power in prison. I feel honored by the invitation to contribute to such a distinguished publication. The timing couldn’t have been better for me to reach the audience of Forbes. […]

Self-Surrendering to Federal Prison Camp

Reporting to a federal prison camp can bring anxiety to an individual and to family members. Those convicted of white collar crimes or minor drug offenses usually serve time in federal prison camps. Yet if they do not have previous experience with the criminal justice system, people are susceptible to frightening, though misleading influences from […]

Resources for white collar criminals

Today, on September 22, partners in my network of support have launched a new version of, a white collar crime resource. This Web site will publish information to help individuals understand the American prison system, the people it holds, and strategies to emerge successfully. My term began in 1987, and during the more than […]