Blogging for Dummies Book Report

By · Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Date Read: February 7, 2009

Book Title: Blogging for Dummies

Book Author: Suzanna Gardner and Shane Birley

Book Publisher: Wiley Publishing (2008)

Nonfiction/368 pages

Blogging for Dummies was the third book I read in 2009.


Reason I read Blogging for Dummies

A friend of mine sent me this book through the mail when I asked him to provide some guidance on how I could improve upon my blogging sites. When I initially received it, I felt embarrassed to hold the book, as I didn’t want anyone to perceive that I saw myself as a “dummy.” Despite the catchy title, the book provided a wealth of information for people who didn’t understand how to make the most effective use of their blogs. As a man who has not yet had direct access to the internet, I suppose I was a bit of a dummy when it came to understanding blogging technology. This book was helpful to me.


What I learned from Blogging for Dummies

This book provided me with an excellent reference guide. It not only provided easy-to-follow instructions on steps bloggers can use to enhance their blogs, the book also offered photographs and illustrations of blog sites. From those pictures, I could see what internet users saw when they accessed various blogs. I found the book so valuable that I asked my wife, Carole to purchase her own copy. Carole oversees the development of all my Web projects. As a consequence of both Carole and I having the same book, I was able to go over what I learned from the book with Carole while she referenced the same pages, and she has been successful in coordinating the improvement of our blogging strategy. We will continue making efforts to improve, and this book is a great tool for us both.


How reading Blogging for Dummies Will Contribute to my Success Upon Release: 

Blogging has become an integral part of my adjustment. I spend several hours writing about various aspects of the prison experience each day. This book is helping me to organize all of my blog postings into an effective, easy to navigate digital library. I feel certain the investment of time contributes to the lives of others; the content I’m creating will also provide value to the speaking and consulting and writing career I want to build upon my release from prison.

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