Skill Development

Preparing Goals That Lead to Happiness and Success

With more than 20 years of prison behind me, I expect to serve somewhere between 51 and 63 more months as a federal prisoner. Because I am an old-law inmate, prison officials must compute my good time differently from most others. Besides that, I have a sliver of parole eligibility. On account of those complications, […]

Encouraging Others to Use the Free Services of

I’m very grateful to my sponsors and my wife for having built This is a social networking Web site that we designed with hopes of helping other prisoners prepare for law-abiding lives upon release. It costs inmates nothing to participate on the site, yet allows them to document the progress they make through their […]

Mondays at Taft Camp

Mondays bring a busy schedule for me here at Taft Camp. I participate in two groups; one consumes my mornings, and another takes up my afternoons. Each Monday morning, at 8:30, I join between 25 and 35 other men for our chapter meetings of the Taft Camp Toastmasters Club. I have participated in Toastmasters for […]