Educational Opportunities in Prison

By · Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Many readers write me with questions about educational opportunities in prison. During the more than 21 years that I have served, I’ve worked hard to educate myself. Those efforts paid off, as Mercer University awarded me an undergraduate degree in 1992, and Hofstra University awarded me a graduate degree in 1995. I urge all those who face criminal indictments to consider educating themselves if a federal prison term follows.

On September 11, 2008, Mike Celizic reported on Andres Idarrago for Idarraga described how he studied hard during the six years he served in a Rhode Island prison. He earned his GED. Upon his release, Idarraga enrolled in Brown University and earned an undergraduate degree. He then was admitted into Yale Law School. With those educational credentials, Idarraga will open opportunities to make great contributions to society.

Those who have an interest in pursuing educational opportunities in prison may find value in my article Opportunities for Higher Learning or my Topical Report Series Understanding Prison.

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