Prisoners Can Earn University Degrees

By · Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Christine sent me a question asking whether prisoners could earn university degrees while they served sentences inside federal prison. The answer is yes. I provide details about education in my article Opportunities for Higher Learning and College Degrees.

During the course of my imprisonment, I found the pursuit of higher education to be extremely fulfilling. While I was enrolled in university programs, working my way toward earning the credits necessary to earn a degree, I felt as if I were living a productive life. Instead of dwelling on the many decades I was scheduled to serve, I focused on learning the various academic disciplines in which I was enrolled.

Any prisoner who has the motivation ought to consider using his time to build meaningful credentials that will assist his transition upon release. Prison administrators may erect more obstacles than necessary, but prisoners who persevere will find huge inner rewards for the effort. As a consequence of the undergraduate and graduate degree that I earned, many more opportunities opened for me. I attribute my academic credentials to opening my publishing opportunities and even to opening the relationship that led to my marriage. Pursuit of education while I was incarcerated brought meaning to my life, and the degrees will assist my transition into a law-abiding life upon relief.

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