Taft Prison Camp Makes Budgetary Cuts

By · Sunday, January 18th, 2009

The prisoners at Taft Federal Prison camp are feeling pinched by the economic crisis. Administrators are citing budgetary restrictions as a reason for discontinuing subscriptions to all newspapers and magazines. Inmates support the library by donating books. Now, the only way that prisoners at Taft Camp will have access to news periodicals will be if prisoners subscribe. The problem, of course, is that prison policies prohibit inmates from earning an income sufficient to pay for subscriptions.

With the economic crisis spreading across the globe, federal prisoners ought to expect more cuts. Administrators are limiting access to toilet paper and hygiene items. Smaller food portions may come next.

The one cut lobbyists and supporters of the prison system may fight is any suggestion that could lead to earlier release dates. That’s why we need our new Congress to introduce prison reforms.

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