G. Gordon Liddy Talks Prison with Justin Paperny

Justin Paperny was a guest on G. Gordon Liddy’s national radio show on July 27, 2010 discussing his prison experience at Taft, his book (Lessons From Prison), and being mentored by Michael Santos. Click here to listen

Lessons From Prison

Date Read: January 6, 2010 Book Title: Lessons From Prison Book Author: Justin M. Paperny Book Publisher: APS (2009) Non Fiction/ 200 pages  Lessons From Prison was the first book I read in 2010 Why I read Lessons From Prison:  Justin Paperny, the author of Lessons From Prison, was confined with me at Taft Camp […]

Twenty-Three Thanksgivings in Prison

Today begins my 23rd consecutive Thanksgiving holiday as a federal prisoner. I’ve now passed as many Thanksgiving holidays in prison as I passed as a free citizen. Prison has numbed me–I no longer experience the excitement and joy of holiday celebrations, though I know the season represents a time of significance for citizens of the […]

Convicted Stockbroker Describes Ethical Lessons

I met Justin Paperny in federal prison. He self-surrendered to the minimum-security camp in the late spring of 2008, and we became friends. Justin was sentenced to serve an 18-month term for a conviction redacted to securities fraud. His was not a background that would have suggested he would encounter trouble with the criminal justice […]