What About Parole?

People in prison ask me about parole. That is a concept of allowing a prisoner to serve the final portion of his sentence in the community under clearly defined conditions as enforced by a parole officer. Essentially, parole is a conditional release from prison. In the federal prison system, parole only exists for certain offenders […]

Obama for Prison Reform

The upcoming presidential election has me very hopeful. Although I cannot vote, I support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I urge all readers who have an interest in the prison system to vote for Obama. Meaningful prison reform is going to require liberal Representatives and Senators. Elect Democrats! With a liberal Congress, we will see […]

On the subject of parole

I recently received a wonderful letter from a young college student who is studying criminal justice in Michigan. He was assigned to read one of the books I wrote, and he asked a few questions that I thought readers of my Blog might have an interest in. Accordingly, I am posting his insightful questions along […]