Book Review: When Prisoners Come Home

Date Read: May 6, 2009 Title: When Prisoners Come Home Author: Joan Petersilia, PhD Publisher: Oxford University Press (2003) Nonfiction/296 pages When Prisoners Come Home was the seventh book I read in 2009 Why I read When Prisoners Come Home: On March 27 of this year, Carole relayed an email message from Professor Joan Petersilia, […]

Eliminate Prison Camps to Cut Domestic Spending

President Obama ought to call for the elimination of prison camps to cut unnecessary domestic spending. This type of expenditure should not continue, as prison camps do not contribute to making society safer. Indeed, prison administrators have classified all prisoners in prison camps as minimum-security offenders and require those men to serve time on their […]

Prison Reform Can Lower Recidivism

In 2002, the Bureau of Justice Statistics published Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 1994 by Patrick Langan and David Levin. “The study found that 30 percent [of] released prisoners were rearrested in the first six months, 44 percent within the first year, and 67.5 percen within three years of release from prison.” I gathered this […]