Redemption in Prison has Meaning Under Obama Administration

We must pass through a few more weeks before a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court will swear President Obama into office. Yet reports I have read in various newspapers indicate he is moving quickly to fill the void of wisdom in leadership for our country. As a long-term prisoner, I am particularly interested in […]

The Time is Now for Prison Reform in America

This morning, Sunday October 19th, I woke early to watch the morning news reports and saw that supporters of Barack Obama donated more than $150 million to his campaign in September, and that General Colin Powell endorsed Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Karl Rove’s electoral map showed that if the election were held today, Obama […]

Obama for Prison Reform

The upcoming presidential election has me very hopeful. Although I cannot vote, I support the candidacy of Barack Obama. I urge all readers who have an interest in the prison system to vote for Obama. Meaningful prison reform is going to require liberal Representatives and Senators. Elect Democrats! With a liberal Congress, we will see […]