BOP Director’s Misrepresentation to Congress

Harley Lappin, Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, issued a prepared statement to a Congressional committee on March 10, 2009. In Director Lappin’s lengthy statement pertaining to the Second Chance Act, he expressed that an integral part of the BOP’s mission indicates that “the post-release success of offenders is as important to public safety […]

Prison is Hard on Prison Families

Thomas Ross is a fellow prisoner who serves time with me here at Taft Camp. Like millions of American families, his wife and children struggle through these challenging economic times. As a federal prisoner, however, Thomas does not perceive any mechanisms through which he can contribute. The helplessness that comes with confinement really complicates his […]

Limited Intimacy in Prison

Joe Gonzalez asked me how prisoners coped with prison visiting rules. He thought that rules prohibiting prisoners from expressing more intimacy than a single kiss and embrace at the start and conclusion of each visit could lead to emotional struggle. He was right. As a prison family, Carole and I have had to cope with […]

Love affair grows in a prison marriage based on love and commitment

Readers sometimes write me with questions about my marriage and my wife. They want to know¬†how we keep our love alive and whether we anticipate challenges when we begin living together. Through books I’ve written, and articles available on, I’ve described my relationship with Carole, whom I’ve known since grade school. I am serving […]