Ben’s Problem: Going Back to Court For New Criminal Charges

Before I went to sleep yesterday, Ben (another prisoner at Taft Camp) came to speak with me. Ben is a young man in his early 30s who is serving a nine-month sentence. He had been expecting release to come in only four more months, but earlier in the day he was ordered to pack all […]

Lessons From Prison

Date Read: January 6, 2010 Book Title: Lessons From Prison Book Author: Justin M. Paperny Book Publisher: APS (2009) Non Fiction/ 200 pages  Lessons From Prison was the first book I read in 2010 Why I read Lessons From Prison:  Justin Paperny, the author of Lessons From Prison, was confined with me at Taft Camp […]

Community Leaders in Taft Camp

Carole and I are grateful for opportunities to contribute to the lives of others.  A few weeks ago, David and Tuvia, two men who recently joined our community at Taft Camp, kindly introduced us to their wives, Judy and Gila.  Our limited time with family in the visiting room is precious, so we can’t afford […]