What is life like at FPC Fort Dix?

By · Friday, December 26th, 2008

A  reader recently wrote to ask me a question about what life is like at the Federal Prison Camp at Fort Dix. He wanted to know what an individual should expect on the first day of placement in a prison camp, and what the typical routine was like.

For more than seven years, I was confined inside the low-security prison at Fort Dix. I was never held at the camp, though those who are confined in the camp live in the same type of buildings. The buildings were once used as a military barracks. Accordingly, the camp does not have a real prison feel to it. It is an open atmosphere, and there will not be much more volatility than one would expect at an office park.

For more detailed information about routines if federal prison camps, I recommend that Victor read my article entitled Comparisons of Three Federal Prison Camps Within The Bureau of Prisons. That article is lengthy and includes much more detail than I’m able to provide in a simple blog response.

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