Forbes Publishes Power in Prison

By · Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I’m pleased to have contributed an article, Power in Prison, to the special series on POWER. It describes my perceptions of the dynamics of power in prison. I feel honored by the invitation to contribute to such a distinguished publication.

The timing couldn’t have been better for me to reach the audience of Forbes. Professionals from the financial and legal sectors are coming under increasing scrutiny from the judicial system. News reports indicate that the FBI has opened investigations of fraud at firms like AIG, Lehman Brothers, Freddie and Fannie. Executives at those icons of American finance will have a hard time coming to terms with accusations and criminal indictments.

As a long-term prisoner, I live with many former corporate and financial titans. I have spent time with them, listened to them, and spoken with them. I’ve written about what they learned from the experience. Many express regret that they made decisions without a full understanding of the judicial system’s power. publishes a Topical Report Series that offers profiles of several well-educated men who now stand convicted of white collar crimes. There are stories of wire fraud, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, and other federal crimes. By reading the profiles of others, those facing the possibility of criminal indictment can use that information to interact more effectively with their criminal defense attorneys. Certainly, the more people know about our system of justice, the more they empower themselves to make better decisions.

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