Andrew’s Potential Problem: Lies and Deception May Bring New Criminal Charges

 About a month ago, I spoke with Andrew (not his real name), another prisoner at Taft Camp, who told me a story that caused me to feel some concern for him. Andrew was once a finance executive, but he found himself in trouble with the law when prosecutors accused him of using his finance company […]

Close Prison Camps

Bernard Madoff appeared in a Manhattan courtroom and plead guilty to numerous federal crimes. He admitted to orchestrating a Ponzi scheme that swindled victims of more than $50 billion. Jesus Rosales, a criminal justice student, has asked a question that causes me to consider an appropriate sanction for white-collar ciminals. The Madoff case presents an extreme […]

Forbes Publishes Power in Prison

I’m pleased to have contributed an article, Power in Prison, to the special series on POWER. It describes my perceptions of the dynamics of power in prison. I feel honored by the invitation to contribute to such a distinguished publication. The timing couldn’t have been better for me to reach the audience of Forbes. […]