Professional Sports Agent Serves 60 Months for Smuggling Cuban Athletes

By · Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

In September of 2008, I had an opportunity to speak with Gustavo “Gus”¬†Dominguez at Taft Prison Camp. Gus was a founder of Total Sports International. He built a thriving career as a sports agent for Major League Baseball. Many of Gus’s clients played for the Cuban national team before they fled Castro’s oppressive regime for freedom in the United States.

Gus told me how federal prosecutors who were hungry for a high profile immigration case issued a criminal indictment against him for smuggling human beings from Cuba. In the story, “Legendary Agent from Cuban-American Community Convicted,” I described Gus’s story for readers.

Those who have an interest in professional baseball, and Cuban players in particular, may find some value in the article.

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