Corporate Treasurer Responds to Ethics Questions

In 1997, Jeff graduated from UCLA with a degree in accounting. He built his career in finance, and while in his early 30s, Jeff held the position of treasurer with a publicly traded corporation in Northern California. With hopes of earning the company a higher short-term return on its money, and in the process advancing […]

Physician Responds to Ethics Questions

 Derrick is a graduate of the University of Southern California and the USC Medical School.  As a physician, no one would expect Derrick to serve time in prison, but I met him in the library at Taft Camp.  I told Derrik about the questions Professor Schrenkler put together to help undergraduate business students understand ethics.  […]

Bipolar Disorder Leads CEO to Embezzlement and Suicide Attempt

Many men who once held discretion over financial accounts that exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars slept on steel prison racks beside me. They used to oversee the careers of thousands, though their imprisonment required them to submit to prison counselors who could assign them to jobs cleaning toilets, scrubbing showers, or raking rocks. Before confinement, […]

Convicted Stockbroker Describes Ethical Lessons

I met Justin Paperny in federal prison. He self-surrendered to the minimum-security camp in the late spring of 2008, and we became friends. Justin was sentenced to serve an 18-month term for a conviction redacted to securities fraud. His was not a background that would have suggested he would encounter trouble with the criminal justice […]

Intro on Ethics

As a prisoner confined inside federal minimum-security camps, I served time alongside many white-collar offenders. The other prisoners with whom I shared housing space previously held positions as corporate CEOS, executives, and small businessmen. Others had once been professionals with careers in medicine, law, accounting, and politics. Most of those offenders were new to prison. […]

Sexual Encounters with Prison Staff

In my book Inside; I described incidents where guards participated in illicit sexual relationships with prisoners. Chapter two described one prisoner who spoke about paying guards for sex, and in chapter ten, I described a prostitution ring that existed in the penitentiary where one guard served as a prostitute for gang members. Some of my […]