Click: What Millions of People are Doing Online and Why it Matters by Bill Tancer

As a long-term prisoner, I’ve never had a direct experience with the Internet. Through my wife and partners, I’ve been writing content for my Web site at since the late 1990s, but all of my knowledge about the Internet and steps I could take to use it more effectively has come through books and-technology […]

Encouraging Others to Use the Free Services of

I’m very grateful to my sponsors and my wife for having built This is a social networking Web site that we designed with hopes of helping other prisoners prepare for law-abiding lives upon release. It costs inmates nothing to participate on the site, yet allows them to document the progress they make through their […]

Weekly Writing Activities

Now that I have finished the fall classes I was taking at Taft Community College, I am left with more time to work on my independent projects. That does not mean I will have free time, as the projects on which I’m working have no end. Specifically, I am revising the content on, and […]