Bipolar Disorder Leads CEO to Embezzlement and Suicide Attempt

Many men who once held discretion over financial accounts that exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars slept on steel prison racks beside me. They used to oversee the careers of thousands, though their imprisonment required them to submit to prison┬ácounselors who could assign them to jobs cleaning toilets, scrubbing showers, or raking rocks. Before confinement, […]

Ordinary Americans Face Harsh Justice, While Powerful Enjoy Christmas at Home

In 1987, I was 23-years-old. That was the year I was arrested. I did not have more than a high school education then, and I had made some bad decisions. To earn an income, I wrongfully joined a group of friends and acquaintances to sell cocaine. We distributed cocaine to consenting adults only, and we […]

High-security Prisons Create Vicious Cycles

Since 2003, I have been confined in minimum-security prison camps. I share living space with many offenders who serve time for white collar crimes. In this environment, most of the prisoners behave well. They are educated and focus on preparing for the lives they want to lead upon release. In higher security prisons, where I […]

Delusions Prior to a Criminal Trial

When I was 23 years old, I was arrested by federal authorities. They charged me with crimes related to trafficking in cocaine. They did not seize any cocaine from me. Nor did they have any recordings of my voice, or tangible evidence that I thought would convince a jury that I was guilty. I was […]

Minimum security prison camp vs high security prison

As a result of serving more than 16 years in higher security prisons, I really know how to appreciate my placement in a minimum-security camp. Other prisoners, especially those who are serving time for white collar crimes, fail to appreciate the comparable levels of freedom we enjoy in the camp. That is understandable, because those […]

Criminal Probes and Indictments for White Collar Crimes

A few months ago I interviewed Jeff, a corporate executive serving a prison term at Taft Camp. A bad investment decision he made on behalf of a publicly traded corporation for whom he worked in Northern California led to an indictment for wire fraud. The corporation notified federal authorities when the investment went bad. Through […]

Minimizing Prison Terms for Broadcom Executives

The national newspapers have been reporting on the criminal prosecutions of the Broadcom founders. I followed the extraordinary rise of that company’s valuation with much admiration for its founders. Now they face criminal charges for white collar crime, and it’s a tragedy that they may serve time in federal prison for charges related to options […]

White Collar Prosecutions on Wall Street

The financial turmoil on Wall Street will likely bring many traders, hedge fund managers, and corporate executives to federal prison. Prosecutors will want to make a statement. They speak loudest by targeting high-profile, white collar offenders, for federal criminal indictments. When grand juries or prosecutors make those criminal charges, prison terms will follow. I’ve been […]

Self-Surrendering to Federal Prison Camp

Reporting to a federal prison camp can bring anxiety to an individual and to family members. Those convicted of white collar crimes or minor drug offenses usually serve time in federal prison camps. Yet if they do not have previous experience with the criminal justice system, people are susceptible to frightening, though misleading influences from […]

Resources for white collar criminals

Today, on September 22, partners in my network of support have launched a new version of, a white collar crime resource. This Web site will publish information to help individuals understand the American prison system, the people it holds, and strategies to emerge successfully. My term began in 1987, and during the more than […]