Resources for white collar criminals

By · Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Today, on September 22, partners in my network of support have launched a new version of, a white collar crime resource. This Web site will publish information to help individuals understand the American prison system, the people it holds, and strategies to emerge successfully.

My term began in 1987, and during the more than 21 years since then I have served time in prisons of every security level. By writing about my observations and experiences, I strive to empower those who may face criminal indictments or those who struggle through various aspects of the criminal justice system.

The Web site offers articles that are bundled together in topical reports, or a la carte in the individual articles catalog. Topical report series one, titled Confronting Criminal Charges, includes 10 articles I wrote to help individuals who anticipate that they may face charges for white collar crime or other felonies. Those articles explain the judicial system, how to work with attorneys, and strategies to consider when deliberating over important decisions about potentially life-altering issues.

Other topical reports series bundle articles that help individuals understand prison, and that describe the experiences of individuals who are serving time for white collar crimes.

These are punitive times in America, and prosecutors will be charging numerous individuals from the financial sector with felony crimes. Many professional, educated men and women will face criminal indictments for actions that the Department of Justice considers fraudulent. The articles I write will guide individuals to make better and more enlightened decisions.

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